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Sharebox – A Dropbox-like Sharing App using Ruby on Rails

A week ago, I posted a quick fix to a bug in the Sharebox tutorial. The next day, it appears that the site hosting this tutorial expired, and its content could be lost. Never fear! Google’s cached version is here. To make it easier for you, I’ve posted the source code developed through the tutorial to my Github and you can see Sharebox in action on heroku. Lastly, I’m also hosting a cached copy of the tutorial for safekeeping, in the event its lost overwritten in Google’s cache.

Hope this helps!

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  1. Richard Lewis says

    You are a star, i got half way through tutorial and the site expired? Thank you

  2. Richard Lewis says

    Is there any way of retrieving the guide with screen-shots at all?

  3. codyaray says

    Glad to help.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t take make a copy until after the site expired either. I would love to have the original (with screenshots) as well, but this is the best I have. However, I also posted the Sharebox code on Github. So you can simply start the server and look at it live. Maybe even take a few screenshots and shore up the original tutorial yourself, but since I was done already, I didn’t go to the trouble. Best of luck!

    • kotu says

      Thank you for cached version of the tutorial. I had it in my bookmarks but some day it became premium.
      Images can be easily restored by updating images “src” attributes in your cached version with paths (Amazon S3) provided in actual preview of this tutorial: Bash’s sed command is the best way if some of you’ere using Unix based system.
      Thanks again :)

      • codyaray says

        Yeah, good idea. I really didn’t put a whole lot (any) of effort into making the images work. Feel free to send me the updated HTML and I’ll replace the cached copy I’m hosting though. Otherwise, I probably won’t get to it anytime soon. :)

        • kotu says

          There is a problem with your contact form I’m afraid. Here is updated HTML:

          • codyaray says

            Thanks for making this fix available to others here, kotu!

            (I know my reply is way late. My bad.)

          • Victor Augusto says

            Thanks a lot dude!

  4. Richard Lewis says

    will do thanks. i have also posted a question/issue on your github page if you wouldnt mind taking a look at

  5. AryoCosmo says

    It’s looks great but It’s need a lot of modification such the progress bar on it :( and it’s using RoR

    • codyaray says

      Its open source; feel free to make whatever improvements you see fit! :)

      • Aryocosmo says

        Perhaps you could make some tutorial instruction how to install and configured the sharebox since i was see it doesn’t have the tutorial.

  6. jason says

    has anyone tried upgrading to rails 3.2 after having this tutorial working correctly? I start getting ‘undefined method’ on ‘ancestors’ and ‘new_file_path’… any thoughts on making it work correctly again before I go in and hack it up?

  7. rakesh says

    wow really fantastic explanation,i did not seen such a wonderful explanation that too step by step awesome,but send button is not functioning in heroku,any way thanks.

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