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Book Sprint Interview

A few days ago Dave Wendland at BrightTag interviewed me about the Book Sprint process. Although I didn’t mention it in the announcement, this is the process used to co-author Developing an iOS 7 Edge in a weekend.

What is a Book Sprint, and how did you find out about it?

“I didn’t know about Book Sprints until Troy Mott from Bleeding Edge Press explained the concept to me. It’s when a group of subject matter experts, often working remotely from around the world, join forces with a facilitator to produce a book in three to five days. For example, for Developing an iOS 7 Edge, my co-authors live in Berlin, Germany; Melbourne, Australia; Indianapolis, Indiana; San Francisco, California; and I’m based in Chicago, Illinois.”

What was the collaboration process like?

“The bulk of Developing an iOS 7 Edge was written in one weekend, with a bit of research and software development beginning two to three days in advance. Due to the wide differences in time zones and availabilities, some of us worked very early or very late hours. Time-boxing the entire process to a single weekend propelled us forward with the urgency and efficiency that only a looming deadline can bring.”

The full brief interview is posted here on the BrightTag blog.

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