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A simple command-line game of Kalah (examples, mirror) in which you can play against the computer or you can pit different AI players against one another. This implementation is based upon a simple game engine I developed for playing two-player turn-based zero-sum games and includes AI players using the minimax algorithm and alpha-beta pruning. Kalah is written in Ruby using RSpec and Cucumber and was developed entirely by Cody for CS 510 Artificial Intelligence and as a way to learn RSpec and Cucumber. The code is available on my GitHub.

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Mashbot is an extensible marketing campaign manager for social media. Social media has brought the monetary costs of online marketing to an all-time low; however, the time to effectively manage a marketing campaign online has continued to grow with the proliferation of services and the high segmentation of internet users amongst different networks. Mashbot aims to reduce the challenges commonly experienced by those wishing to market their products or services online by reducing the amount of know-how, time, and effort required to reach your target audience online. Mashbot provides a unified interface to publish your updates, articles, blog posts, statuses, photos, etc. to your audience distributed across various social networks through a single tool.


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